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Cybersecurity is a big concern for future of technologies. Ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya are a clear example of this. These harmful programs can leave your entire device encrypted with no way of decrypting it, other than to pay the ransom or wait for a decrypting solution. That is why no matter how careful you are you can always benefit from an antivirus program.

Efficient use of an antivirus program and firewall will keep you safe from cyber attacks and vulnerabilities and is crucial for your device’s security. So which is the best antivirus for Windows 10? let’s start with the built-in antivirus solution in Windows 10 called ‘Windows Defender’.

Is Windows Defender Antivirus Good Enough?

If you are using the latest version of Windows 10, you already have an antivirus solution installed and you can access it from the system tray. Windows 10 doesn’t constantly ask you to install an antivirus program like Windows 7 and Windows XP. That is because it already has one and it’s called ‘Windows Defender’.

Windows Defender was initially called ‘Microsoft AntiSpyware’ during its release in 2005 and was released as a free antispyware program download for Windows XP and shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft AntiSpyware was based on GIANT AntiSpyware which Microsoft bought in 2004. In later years, it was replaced by Microsoft Security Essentials which provided protection against a wider range of malicious software.

In the latest update of Windows 10, Windows Defender is renamed to ‘Windows Defender Antivirus’, to distinguish it from ‘Windows Defender Security Center’. Windows Defender Security Center uses Windows Defender Antivirus and serves as a front-end to perform scans and other security operations. There is no shortcut in the start menu to access old Windows Defender Interface, however, it can still be accessed.

Do you need an antivirus for Windows 10?

Windows 10 was released in 2015 and according to a 2016 report, it is now running on over 400 million devices. It comes with a built-in antivirus solution, which you can access through ‘Windows Defender Security Center’. It can automatically update itself through windows updates and regularly gets new virus definitions & security updates.

So, combine Windows Defender with a good browser protection extension like uBlock Origin and use some common sense and you might not need any other antivirus software. Also, be extra careful when installing third-party softwares, because sometimes malware and adware are bundled together with these softwares.

Compared to other antivirus solutions Windows Defender scores slightly lower but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. It can be an effective solution for a vast majority of people and it is free, but If you still want to use other antivirus solutions, following list might help.

Which is the best antivirus for Windows 10?

Following are some of the best antivirus solutions for Windows. The list is based on reviews and current rankings of antivirus programs on, which is an independent testing institution. These rankings might change over time, so visit Av-test website for any updates.

  1. AhnLab V3 Internet Security
  2. Avast Free AntiVirus
  3. AVG Internet Security
  4. Avira Antivirus Pro
  5. Bitdefender Internet Security
  6. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security
  7. BullGuard Internet Security
  8. Trend Micro Internet Security
  9. Norton Norton Security
  10. ESET Internet Security


Keep all your software and drivers updated and if you are careful enough you might not need any other antivirus software other than the built-in one. It’s 2017 and all major OS and browser developers take extra steps to make sure that everything is secure, so, just make sure you have a good browser protection extension too and only download programs you really need.


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