Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in The World

Honeymoon is the most memorable vacation of your life. Whether you are a romantic guy or not you should choose the best destination for your honeymoon. Although there are many beautiful destinations in the world for post-wedding vacations, but we selected the 10 best honeymoon destinations in the world, based on people reviews.

Whether you are a quite couple or someone who is looking for thrill and adventure, these 10 places will surely attract you.

10Paradise Island Nassau

Paradise Island is a beautiful island in the Bahamas. This island was formerly known as Hog Island. Island covers an area of 277 hectares and is located near the city of Nassau. This beautiful island can be your escape from daily work stress and boredom.

9Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls is probably the most beautiful city in Canada. There are many fantastic tourists point in Niagara Falls and if you are planning a honeymoon you should definitely go there. There are elevators which take tourists to a lower, wetter vantage point. Also, you can get pretty amazing views from observation deck atop 520-ft.-high Skylon Tower.

8Nice, France

Nice is the capital of the French Riviera, it is filled with history and culture. It was founded by the Greeks. This city is famous because it balances old-world decadence with modern urban energy. The pebbly shores of Nice and blue beaches will surely give you joy and it can be a perfect place to spend your honeymoon.

7The Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos is a beautiful archipelago. It consists of 40 low-lying coral islands. These islands are filled with luxury resorts, shops, and restaurants. So if you are into that thing than these green islands are a perfect destination for your honeymoon.

6Aspen, Colorado

If you are a nature freak then this place is definitely for you. Aspen is in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It is a ski resort town and a year-round destination for people who love nature and greenery. So for nature lovers, it’s definitely a go.

5Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a resort town in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. It is mostly famous for its buzzing energy, 24-hour casinos, and endless entertainment options. It also has many luxury resorts and hotels, which can make your holidays perfect.

4Tahiti, French Polynesia

It’s a magical place, with clear blue water and majestic green lands, it can be a perfect place for you to find real sense of peace, bliss and fun. It is the biggest island in French Polynesia and is divided into different smaller islands, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti.

3Dubai, UAE

You know what they say, if you have a lot of money, Dubai is the go-to place for luxury and perfect holidays. From the world’s tallest building to under water hotels, Dubai has everything for you and you will definitely not run out of entertainment options. Dubai is the place everyone should must go at least once in their lifetime.

2Costa Rica, Central America

If you are an adventurer and like to walk through forests then Costa Rica is certainly for you, due to its amazing rain forests and lush greenery its a wildly popular holidays destination.


Hawaii is beautiful isolated volcanic archipelago U.S. state in the Central Pacific. It is mostly famous due to its beautiful sceneries and beaches. Honolulu is the Hawaii’s biggest city which is also the home to crescent Waikiki Beach and the Pearl Harbor memorials.


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