10 Best Cities in Europe To Party That You Will Love To Visit


Who doesn’t love parties? I definitely love them, it has booze, electronic music and a lot of fun and for a moment all the problems of life fade away. But from time to time finding the best places to party can become a real problem, especially when you’re bored of your local party club. Go dancing in a different city it will change your mood and relax you from your busy schedule. Europe has some of the best party clubs in the world. We Selected some of the best party cities in Europe that you will love to visit.

10Munich, Germany

This beautiful, historical and cultural city of Germany is known for its beer halls and beer gardens. But When it comes to a party, Munich is a great place. Just grab a beer and German pretzel and that alone will make your day great. There is also an event held in Germany called ‘Oktoberfest’ which is all about beers. Whether you like to party or just meeting people, this event will be a great experience for a traveler who is looking for fun.

9Prague, Czech Republic

The most amazing places for partying are from Eastern-European, which includes Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and one of the best places to party when you are overwhelmed by work. In this beautiful city, you can find cheap alcohol, great party clubs, and lovely historic buildings. Along with other things, there are a lot of festivals that take place in Prague.

8London, England

This multicultural city has a lot of things to offer, great bars, pubs, and cafes are some of them. There are a lot of concert halls and clubs in London. No matter from where you are, you are likely to find expats from your country in London. The British are also the best drinking companions so enjoy a great drink with them.

7Copenhagen, Denmark

The Bars in Denmark open at 3 am. Danes love to drink, try their Fisk shots, a menthol flavored strong drink, which is very popular among locals. The only downside of partying in Denmark is the high price. Denmark is quite pricey. Copenhagen is also culturally fascinating so there will be a lot of stuff do after you get kicked out of the bar.

6Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia formerly known as Yugoslavia. Belgrade has a lot of variety. You can find great clubs and bars with deep house, electronic, disco, trance, jazz and other types of music. Belie, e me you won’t get bored there because along with fun, the rates are also cheaper compared to North America and other European cities.

5Kraków, Poland

Poland is great for parties. Krakow, which is one of the oldest cities in Poland, is known for its old historic buildings, monuments and ofcourse great bars. This city attracts approximately 9 million tourists each year, making it one of the best place for parties and drinking. Vodka is most popular alcoholic beverage among polish.

4Barcelona, Spain

This cosmopolitan capital of Spain is known for its art and architecture, vibrant street life and great parties. People stay out late night and enjoy drinking in bars and partying in the clubs. Going to beaches and just relaxing is the best thing after late night partying. Best thing about Barcelona is its people and night life. So, if you’re into that thing, Barcelona might be the answer for you.

3Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, known for its historic importance and Castles. But Budapest is also a great place for party. Alcohol is cheap and the energy is high in Budapest. People of Budapest transformed old, abandoned buildings into artistic bars and party destinations. If you want to visit Budapest, you should go there in August, otherwise you’ll miss the world-famous Sziget Festival, which is full of fun and entertainment.

2Berlin, Germany

Germans Love to party that is why there are two German cities in this list. Berlin is the capital of Germany and it is known for its art scene, nightlife and modern architecture beside these its a very good place for alcohol, parties and pubs. There are clubs everywhere along with world famous DJ’s.

1Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam which is the Capital of Netherlands, is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses. Dutch definitely love to party. Enjoying Good drinks with friends and having conversations is everyday habit. Amsterdam is the best country to party in Europe. There are many bars and clubs. Places like The Red Light District of Amsterdam are filled with tourists but they open late in the night with cheerful party atmosphere that lasts all night. There are also events like Queen’s Day on which people celebrate queens birthday by wearing orange dresses. If you love hardcore parties then you’ll love Amsterdam.


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