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YouTube Android App is used by millions of people everyday for watching videos. Apart from watching videos, a lot of people use YouTube for music streaming. But the app is lacking one very important feature that every music streaming app has, which is ‘background playing’.

Yes, background play is available if you subscribe to YouTube Red, which is a premium version of YouTube with some added features including background play and downloading. But not everyone wants to subscribe to YouTube Red and not everyone can because YouTube Red is only available in select few countries.

You may already know that while listening to your favorite music on YouTube, your smartphone screen needs to stay on and as soon as you close the app or turn off your smartphone screen, the YouTube app also stops functioning. But thanks to NewPipe app and its developers, now you can enjoy your favorite music or videos in the background.

NewPipe vs YouTube Official App

NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client built by a small community of developers. It has a bunch of useful features such as background play and downloading that are not available freely through the official YouTube App. It also has picture-in-picture support meaning it can hover over other apps and you can watch the video while texting. Moreover, it does not use the YouTube API or Google play services.

NewPipe Youtube client
NewPipe Homepage
youtube picture-in-picture flying
NewPipe picture-in-picture mode using ‘Popup’ button

Features of NewPipe YouTube Client

  • Background Player
  • Download any Audio or Video
  • Open Source
  • 4K Playback
  • Extended privacy by not using YouTube API and Google play services
  • Subscriptions functionality like YouTube
  • Picture-in-picture YouTube flying window functionality

Download NewPipe

You can download and install the standalone APK file but the recommended way is to download and install it through F-Droid, as it’s not available through Google Play Store for obvious reasons. F-Droid is an alternative to Google Play Store and has lots of free and open-source Android apps. Installing it through F-Droid will allow you to check for NewPipe updates easily. Head over to F-Droid using the link below and download F-Droid. After installing F-Droid, search for NewPipe and install it.

Download F-Droid

How To Use NewPipe to Play YouTube in Background?

Using NewPipe is pretty straight-forward. Just search for your video by clicking on the search icon on the top right-side of the NewPipe app. After searching, click on the video you want to watch, just as you would do in the Youtube App and to play the YouTube video in the background, just click on ‘Background’ icon below the title of the video.

youtube background play
NewPipe Player
newpipe, play youtube in background
NewPipe background player persistent notification

The best thing about NewPipe background player is that it only download the video’s audio stream when you click on ‘Background’ play option. This will save your internet data if you are on a metered connection.

Download YouTube Video or Audio on Android Using NewPipe

Beside background playing, NewPipe allows you to download YouTube videos too. You can choose to download either entire video or just the audio. To download a video just open the video in NewPipe and click on the download icon on the top right-side of the app. This will open a box through which you can download video or audio. It also lets you select the formats and video quality before downloading.

Download Youtube video newpipe


NewPipe is a useful and free YouTube client that provides a lot of cool features. It doesn’t have YouTube trending page and recommended videos on the front page because it doesn’t ask you to sign in. So if you want that, you might have to use NewPipe along with YouTube official app to get the best of both.


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