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How to make your brain smarter? That’s the question I get asked a lot. People think there is a secret potion for a smarter and efficient brain, but they don’t know that just by adopting a few healthy habits one can make his brain smarter every day.

For the sake of knowledge let me tell you how the brain works. There are about 86 billion neurons in an average human brain which is close to the number of stars in our galaxy. These neurons have tree-like branches. Messages in the brain can travel at speeds up to 268 miles/hour. The brain is actually quite fascinating because it has the abilities to adapt, learn and create. Which means you can develop certain habits which will allow your brain to become smarter, more productive and more efficient.

As we don’t have any NZT-48 Pill Like in Limitless TV Show so we have to stick with these simple hobbies to make our brain more efficient.

1Reading Everyday

Whether you are a comic book lover or just like to read anything, research shows that people who read every day are 50% more intelligent than people who don’t. Learning every day can increase your knowledge at great levels and will make you smarter, so take that book and start reading.

2Exercising Daily

Scientific studies show that just 10 min of exercise every day can boost your brain power up to 20% Exercising daily can make your heart more healthy and as a result, you’re blood circulation will also improve. So when brain will get enough oxygen from blood, its performance will automatically enhance.


Challenging yourself and problem-solving is really healthy for your brain. The more you challenge your brain and try to solve a problem the more efficient it will become. So solve short puzzles or think of problems and their solution every day, it can greatly benefit your brain.


Imagination is the key to unlocking your brain’s true potential. Even in your leisure time try to imagine about strange and abstract things. It boosts your brain visual power and increases your perception.


It’s amazing that just by sitting calmly with controlled breathing one can enhance his brain powers. From time to time meditation and yoga have been proven to bring positive results to a person overall health. I myself meditate for about 10 minutes every day and can clearly feel the difference.


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