5 Things Every Woman Want in a Man


Ever get rejected by a woman? Well, you’re not the only one and that’s because you don’t have certain qualities she craves for. Now if you have these qualities and she still doesn’t like you then it’s her fault. So what qualities women look for in a man? Maybe if you have these 10 qualities you’ll find your dream women.

5Be Passionate

“Many women complain that men of today don’t take women seriously,” explained Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date: And Every Other Rule of Dating Debunked.” Many women love when guys take responsibility and take them seriously. It shows your passion and passion is the key to a long-term relationship. So show some responsibility and passion in your relationship, your girl will love it.

4Confidence Makes You Hot

Confidence is literally that key to success in everything. If you’re confident in what you are doing then it will eventually bring you close to success. Being confident in front of a woman will not only make her feel comfortable but also it will send a positive message that you’re in control and you know what you’re doing, which will give her a sense of security. Women love confidence in men because it makes them feel secure.


In this age of technology cheating on a girlfriend or a spouse has become much easier, thanks to Tinder & Ashley Madison. But it is the number one thing that women don’t like in men. 80% of women reject men with past track record of cheating or being unfaithful. Most of the woman enters a relationship with intent of being in it long haul, so cheating on your girl is never a good idea.


A guy who is able to teach, anything, a skill or something he love doing, have long been the women favorite. Women find it attractive when a guy teaches them something. It shows that we also have our dreams and side projects about which we are passionate about and want to share with them. It also shows that you can be a good father figure. It shows your intelligence because women love men who can talk about a wide variety of topics.

1Being Humorous

Being kind, confident and good looking are some qualities women want in their men but from time to time, the most important quality that women look for in a man is humor. They love men who can make them laugh even when not to. If you have a sense of humor then that shows that you’re not taking your self too seriously and that leads to confidence. It is a fact that finding a guy with a good sense of humor is always been more important to a woman than finding a guy with good looks. If you can make your girl laugh on your first date, there are 80% chances that girl is yours.


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